The Fireside Fiddlers

Busking in Ringwood East

The Fireside Fiddlers play from a collection of Australian folk tunes every Monday evening at Harry’s place. The evening is social and fun.

The name of our group references our mission, which is to play by ear, so the lights are dimmed to fireside level.

Concentrating on listening to each other encourages a respect for each player’s talents.

We have also loaded musical scores and recordings on this site as well, so you can practice between sessions.

TUNE of the Week, 16 - 23 MAY 2017: “BACK ON THE MONARO”, which listed alphabetically on this website below under ‘Browse the tunes’ and will be played at the 6:30 pm session on Tuesday, 23 instant.

FIRESIDE FIDDLERS SESSION: Mondays, 8 pm at Harry’s place


AUSTRALIAN FOLK MUSIC TUNE SESSION: Tuesdays 6:30 pm, in Ringwood East Community Hall, Knaith Road Park

(a) As played from the Settlers’ List (

1,2,3,4 - Across The Sea To Erin - Alan Offa’s Schottische - Albert Hall Polka Mazurka - All That He’s Done For Me - Arthur Byatt’s Set Tune - Ashby Galop - Athol’s Father’s Schottische - Auntie Doris’s Schottische - Australian Jim - Autumn Leaves - Backblock Shearer - Back On The Monaro - Widgegoweera Joe

(b) As led by the players themselves:

1910 (Matthew) - All the Blue Bonnets Are Over The Border (Colin McLaren) - Amazing Grace (Christel) - Australian Jim (Katie) Annie Shaw’s Tune (Maree) - Click Go The Shears (Don G.) - Cliffs of Doneen (Tony/Joan) - Dusty Windowsills (Holly) - Faded Love (Harry/Stan C.) - Four Strong Winds (Rob) - Fred Holland’s Mudgee Schottische (Prue) - Girl Dressed In Blue (Ray) - Going to the Barn Dance (unknown player) - Go Tell Aunt Rhody [(a) as played by Barry, (b) as played by Harry] - Oh Where and Oh Where is my Highland Laddie Gone (Colin Martin) - Oli Watts’ Schottische (Stan C.) - Rowan Tree (Barry)

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We have tons of tunes from Australia and a few from overseas. And we’re always adding more - so take a browse, get fiddling and check back for updates regularly!

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