About the Fireside Fiddlers

Fireside Fiddlers

The collection of Australian folk tunes began in 2004 when members of the Fireside Fiddlers resolved to expand their Australian folk tunes repertoire. Each year the group continues to meet on Monday evenings to play by ear. These sessions supplement the older Ringwood Folk Club sessions that cater for all instruments on Tuesday evenings in the Ringwood East Community Hall.

Or telephone 61 3 9870 8998 for information about these three events: Monday evening Fireside Fiddlers, Tuesday evening Ringwood Folk Club and Saturday morning street busking sessions at Ringwood East.

Many tunes have playback for learning whilst others offer live recordings. We suggest:

(1) Listen to the playback at the slowest setting.

(2) Play along with the recording.

(3) Use the score only when you can’t identify a note.